Try to operate the layout your self. Unique experience !

TrainGamia is a new family-friendly event where you can compete to be
the best train driver – while controlling a model train on a 21 m2 layout.
Players get points for missions and XP (young children get “virtual stickers” instead). 
6 players can play at a time and there is a screen with hi-scores (popular at group events).
You can play on many levels: From super easy to extremely hard.
Children must be about 6 years old to play and the game can be played in English or Danish.
TrainGamia is a fun activity wether you love trains or not – and it is very suitable for Teambuiling.

Model Scale: H0 - 1/87
Open to public: Yes
Location: Denmark
Langauge: Danish, English
Address: Lergravsvej 57 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

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