Minivärlden Ljungby
Nice experience for visitors – the whole family, the train geek, the model builder, the historian, the artist or whoever may be interested.

In the wonderful world of miniatures, you float away in memories, dreams and fantasies. Just like us. And if we can give you a little extra inspiration, awaken your creativity and make you feel good, then happiness is achieved.

Minivärlden Ljungby hides a vision of creating a unique visitor destination in southwestern Småland. In Ljungby. In a place that no one had thought possible. But we know that pretty much all people – young and old – love to look at little figures. We have then woven this together with history, miniature worlds, trains, stories, cars, exhibitions, experiences, activities, films and of course our own little Millans Café which only serves “homemade love”.

An experience for the whole family and for every geek you can imagine.

Track type: Standard gauge
Model Scale: G - 1/22.5, H0 - 1/87
Open to public: Weekends seasonal
Location: Sweden
Langauge: English, German, Swedish
Address: Helsingborgsvägen 9, 341 33 Ljungby, Sverige

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