London Transport Miniature Railway LTMR
Ride mini underground trains overground...

Construction of the Acton Miniature railway started in 2004. The original track layout was very simple with a loop at ‘Depot Approach’ and a single line up to the current location of the point into the loco servicing siding.

Opening and the first year

The railway opened to the public on Saturday 26th February 2005 during the Museum’s ‘London Transport in Miniature’ open weekend. 
Sam Mullins, Director of London’s Transport Museum, cut the ribbon and shortly after, the Little Red Train operated the first passenger service. 
Despite the sub-zero temperatures and a brief snow shower on the Sunday, the LTMR’s first weekend (then known as the Acton Miniature Railway) was very successful with a three train service in operation and 879 tickets sold over the course of the weekend.

Passengers board the train at Depot Approach. On departure, the train runs through the loop track (pausing to wait for an arriving train to clear the single track section if necessary). The train then heads onto the single line up to Harrisons Crossing, passing over the level crossing to the picnic area and running in front of the carriage shed. The train runs through the loop at Wesley’s Halt up to the end of the line at Ealing End. The train then prepares for the return journey back to Depot Approach.

Model Scale: 5" to 12" - 1/12 to 1/5
Open to public: Weekends seasonal
Location: UK
Langauge: English
Address: 118-120 Gunnersbury Ln, London W3 9BQ, UK

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